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We offer traditional therapy, short-term counseling, substance use/abuse services, coaching, consultation, training, psycho-education, social services, case management, and supervision. 

About Us

Psychosocial Solutions provides mental health services, social services, psycho-education, and community health education to children, teens, adults, families, organizations, and groups in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Texas. Our practice's mission is to provide comprehensive and quality services to best meet the needs of its clients. To be flexible and technologically advanced, we now offer services both in-person and virtually. You do not have to worry about how far you are from our office because we can communicate with each other through a private, encrypted platform that allows you to remain in the comfort of your home, stay in tune on vacation, or keep up with your schedule on the go! 

We offer services virtually to alleviate common barriers that prevent most from achieving mental wellness such as distance, scheduling conflicts, lack of transportation, need for childcare, state-to state laws and regulations, stress or anxiety related to social interactions or driving, etc. Most importantly, virtual services are not meant to replace face-to-face services, but it is a specialty chosen to best meet the needs of our target population. While it is not a "better" method to deliver services, we want to remind you that choosing to utilize these services is based on your personal preference, comfort level with the use of technology, and knowledge that this delivery will meet your needs. 

 We are a boutique group practice addressing the needs of the community.


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