Meet Our Team

AL: #5078C, MS: #C9498, TN: #6830

Supervisor Certification #SR00460M

Bachelor of Social Work, Psychology (University of MS)

Master of Social Work (University of TX-Arlington)

Doctor of Social Work (Walden University)

Clinical Executive Officer/Clinical Supervisor

Dr. Syrenia Johnson Winters, LICSW-S, LCSW-S, CLC, SAP

Dr. Johnson is the Clinical Executive Officer of Psychosocial Solutions, a clinical supervisor for AL, MS and TN master-level social workers, field instructor, creator of the Social Work Bae lifestyle brand, an enthusiastic public speaker, and entrepreneur. She is currently contributing faculty with Walden University. With a diverse clinical background, Syrenia has experience with at-risk youth, forensic populations, Veterans, the aging community, and adults across the age span. She has become a subject matter expert in mental health, social justice, self-care, and community outreach. Syrenia has shared her expertise in local communities, churches, youth organizations, colleges, and universities.

Driven by passion and purpose, Syrenia has used social media to overcome international barriers to spread awareness and empower others through her work and content. Syrenia's passion for social work developed from issues that she experienced in adolescence. She found refuge in journaling and helping others, which led to the creation of her first major project, the Safe Space Guided Mental Health Journal, which is now available on Amazon. Her focus is on empowering others to live their best lives. Syrenia coaches individuals in changing their mindsets to think outside of the box. She hopes to create a safe space for those who don't quite fit in with the societal norms. Also, she advocates for minorities and creates a safe space for individuals who are stigmatized by mental health, marginalization, and disadvantage.

Services provided: SAP evaluations, clinical supervision, consulting, and training.


MS: #M9940

Alicia is available to MS residents virtually.

Alicia Johnson, LMSW

Alicia Johnson is a Licensed Master Social Worker. Alicia received her Bachelor's degree at the University of Mississippi and her Master's degree at Louisiana State University. She has a background working in community mental health and school social work. Her approaches include CBT, solution-focused, client-centered, mindfulness, and family systems.

Alicia specializes in teens and young adults but is not exclusive.

MS: #M10052

Dorothy is available to MS residents virtually.

Dorothy Ivory, LMSW

Dorothy Ivory is a Licensed Master Social Worker. Dorothy received a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Social Work from Mississippi Valley State University along with an MBA. She has a background working in community mental health, school-based services, and home health & hospice. Her approaches include CBT, Grief & Bereavement Therapy, suicide prevention, and trauma-informed practice.

Dorothy specializes in adults 21+.

Our team is growing: interns, educators, coaches, licensed professionals, and medical partners.

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